Jersey Girl Dairy

As the mist rises from the lush green paddocks in the Kerry Valley, the Jersey girls make their way to the dairy for the morning milking. They take their time, slowly meandering along the cattle tracks towards the dairy yards. The pulsing sound of the milking machines and the unlatching of the dairy gate heralds the start to their day.

Dave ushers them in two by two, a routine the girls know well and look forward to each morning. Each cow has her own personality, her own particular routine, her own way of interacting within the herd, and with Dave. He knows them, and their health and happiness rely on this intuitive relationship.

The Jersey Girl herd of just 20 cows graze on lush natural pasture and legumes, free from pesticides and chemicals, and rich in nutrients. Our focus is on quality; the quality of our soil, the quality of care for our animals, and the quality of our products.

Respecting the traditions of the past but embracing our own hopes and dreams, we are respectfully carrying on the century-old family tradition of dairy farming. Our Jersey Girl brand now represents our full milk production as we turn our backs on the unsustainable world of supplying a milk processor.

We are building a viable future for our micro dairy farm, where quality trumps quantity every time. Integrity, honesty and authenticity in farming have a place in the commercial world; our joy is in providing bespoke farming experiences and outstanding products for you and your family. We love what we do, and our products represent that.

Tommerups Dairy Farm Jersey Girl Dairy

The Jersey Girl Range

Jersey Girl cultured butter, crème fraiche, double cream, and yoghurt, made right here on the farm, by the farmers. Rich and creamy gourmet ice creams.



Our rich and creamy Jersey milk travels just metres to the farm creamery where it’s slowly and gently heated to the minimum allowable pasteurisation temperature, before being slowly cooled and bottled. The batch pasteurisation with low and slow temperatures retains a flavour and texture not seen in modern times.

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Our liquid gold Jersey milk is treated with utmost respect to emphasise its terroir.

Enjoy a thick layer of cream atop our Jersey Girl Cream Top Milk. Carefully spoon out the creamy golden goodness and enjoy in all its glory or gently shake so the cream mixes fully into the milk for that super smooth and creamy velvet mouth feel. We won’t judge. We know whichever way you choose, you’ll be rewarded with honest, old-fashioned goodness.


Jersey Cream

Dave calmly milks the herd so as not to hurry the pace of the old Alfa Laval separator, hard at work in the milk room under Kay’s guidance, separating the rich Jersey cream from the milk. Its velvet-like texture and rich golden colour is testament to our Jersey Girls’ chemical free pasture and legume-based diet.

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The scene is reminiscent of days gone by when early generations of the family sold cream to the local butter factory and raised pigs on skim milk.

When the milking is done and the Jersey girls make their way to their day pasture, the golden cream is taken just metres into the farm creamery to be slowly pasteurised. This golden deliciousness is then packaged as double cream or left to sit happily culturing for up to 30 hours to develop its rich flavour – now decadent crème fraiche. Wickedly rich and creamy, our award-winning  crème fraiche sits happily as the star of a beautiful meal, or as a quiet yet distinctive addition to homemade pumpkin soup or lemon curd pancakes.

Tommerups Dairy Farm Shop Butter

Cultured Butter

Our award-winning cultured butter starts with thick, rich crème fraiche, churned until golden beads of butter start to emerge with tangy buttermilk. The pure buttermilk, fresh from the butter churn, is strained and bottled. Tiny butter pearls add to the delight of the fresh buttermilk.

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The butter is then kneaded and washed by hand to remove the excess buttermilk before the addition of Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Salt and the kneading process continues. Each block of butter is hand shaped before being carefully wrapped like a gift to be shared amongst friends.

Our salted cultured butter is no country bumpkin, equally at home on a slice of freshly-baked sourdough as it is on a cheeseboard with crackers. Simple bread and butter will never be the same again.

Tommerups Dairy Farm Shop Ice Cream

Ice Cream

A celebration of rich, velvety cream from our Jersey Girls, our gourmet ice cream range brings back the nostalgia of old-fashioned flavour and superior quality ice cream. Featuring the best local products from the Scenic Rim, combined with our Jersey Girl range, we offer tubs of exquisitely creamy deliciousness.

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We know the ingredients in our ice creams are the best you’ll find, but it’s what’s not in them that makes our ice creams even better.  You won’t find a preservative, artificial flavour, or colour in sight – just the highest quality natural ingredients respectfully crafted into the most delicious, creamy ice cream.

We know our Jersey Girls, and we pride ourselves on the quality products made from their rich and creamy milk, right here on the farm. But when it comes to ice cream, we’re happy to leave it to the experts. Our partnership with Lick! brings the skills of us as farmers and producers, together with a team of passionate ice cream connoisseurs to craft our Jersey Girl double cream, crème fraiche, butter, and buttermilk into the most amazing ice cream you’ll ever try.

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During Eat Local Month (link to the website) our farm products make their way to events and markets all over the Scenic Rim. Our Farm Larder online store is not available during the month of June due to the volume of product required for Eat Local Month. We’ll be back with a fully stocked larder in July. We hope to welcome you to the farm soon to enjoy our farm produce.

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