Pastured Eggs

Real Flavour & Quality

Our hens roam over 80 acres of chemical free pasture on our farm in the picturesque Kerry Valley. By day, they feast on pasture, insects and worms before returning to the safety of their caravans at night. Old fashioned practices, heralding the return of real flavour and quality.

Tommy’s hens form part of our regenerative farming practices. Without the use of chemical fertilisers, we’re able to bring fertility and health to the soil by moving the chickens regularly across the farm. Their droppings fertilise the paddock whilst the hens scratch through the soil to find insects and grubs, effectively removing pests and weeds as they go.

Rich in colour, and deliciously flavoursome, Tommy’s Pastured Eggs are truly farm fresh. You’ll find our Tommy’s eggs on the menu at some of Brisbane and Scenic Rim’s top restaurants.

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View our range of high quality, small scale artisan Jersey Girl dairy products, milk fed pasture raised pork and rose dairy veal, all produced with the utmost respect for our land and our animals.

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Jersey Girl Dairy

Jersey Girl cultured butter, crème fraiche, double cream, and yoghurt, made right here on the farm, by the farmers. Rich and creamy gourmet ice creams.

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Milk Fed Pork

Heritage breed pigs, raised outdoors on chemical free pasture, creamy Jersey milk and locally milled grain. Mud wallows, green grass and straw beds; pig paradise.

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Farm Fresh Eggs Scenic Rim

Rose Veal

Jersey calves raised in open paddocks of chemical free pasture, on fresh Jersey milk and natural supplements. You’ll taste the difference.

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