Rose Veal

Available year-round

At Tommerup’s, we believe that veal shouldn’t be a dirty word. By making veal a sought-after delicacy, rather than a problem associated with the dairy industry, we can be part of the solution, and so can you. Our male calves are not sold for slaughter at 5 days old, and never will be. They are not a problem for our dairy farming business, rather a beautiful part of our circular farming system.

Our calves are left to suckle from their mother for at least 1 to 2 months to allow them to develop a healthy immune system with the perfect milk made just for them, before moving on to the big kids’ paddock to be cared for by our family. They live in beautiful, lush paddocks of chemical-free pastures, and bottle-fed twice daily – always with fresh, rich Jersey milk from our dairy herd. We do not feed grain, nor do we use chemicals or antibiotics. Each calf remains with us until around the age of 7 to 10 months. The quality of their meat reflects the time, care and attention that has gone into raising them.

Our rose veal is available year-round through the farm larder and online store. We welcome wholesale and food service enquiries.

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