Conditions of Entry

All visitors must make an appointment to visit the farm. We do not accept drop in visitors.

Please don’t bring your pets to the farm. We will have to ask that you leave your much loved family pet in the car during your visit should they arrive with you.

All visitors to our farm will be asked to complete a Waiver and Release of Liability Form. Without this, we are unable to offer entry to our farm to visitors. 

A copy of the form is available to download should you wish to save time at the registration tent for our farm events. Please note that one fully completed waiver is required for EACH person, including all children and infants.
Download File

Diseases can be transferred from animals to humans, some of these can be very serious. Please be aware that a visit to a farm and any contact with animals poses a risk to your health. Good personal hygiene is imperative and no contact with any animals should occur without the permission or instruction from the farmers. Newborn animals and birthing situations pose particularly high risks, do not attempt to assist a birthing animal or make contact with a newborn animal as this may put your health at risk. 
Times of drought add to the risk as some diseases are more prevalent in the dust. QFever is of greater concern in these times. 

As a working dairy farm we have a high regard for safety and as such, we have outlined our conditions of entry in this document.  Please ensure that you have read and understood these conditions.   We understand that these conditions can seem overbearing but unfortunately, due to the high risk category farming is placed under, we are required by our insurance company to ensure that all visitors are made aware of these entry conditions.  We take all necessary precautions to ensure that a visit to our farm is safe and enjoyable.  We’re looking forward to sharing our farm with you and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

By visiting our farm you are agreeing that you have read and understood these conditions and agree to comply with them. 
Risks of Farm Educational and Leisure Activities

I understand and acknowledge that:

  1. Farms are inherently dangerous;
  2. Farm animals can be dangerous and can act in sudden and unpredictable ways, especially if frightened or hurt;
  3. Farm animals can carry diseases and that hand washing is important and any instructions given by Tommerup’s Dairy Farm Pty Ltd, it’s directors, employees, partners, volunteers and assigns as to hand washing should be followed;
  4. I have read and understood the conditions of entry to Tommerup’s Dairy Farm;
  5. That any fenced area may be dangerous and should not be entered into without express permission;
  6. Out of bounds areas are clearly marked and should not be entered at any time;
  7. Farm equipment is obviously dangerous;
  8. Swimming in a river is a dangerous activity and will be done at my own risk; and
  9. There is risk of serious injury, death or accident to children and adults participating in farm educational and leisure activities.

I have voluntarily read this warning, understood this warning, accept, and assume all of the risks inherent or otherwise of participating in farming educational and leisure activities, associated activities of Tommerup’s Dairy Farm.
I understand that I can choose not to participate in any activity if I feel that it is too dangerous and will do so.
I agree that I PARTICIPATE at my OWN RISK and that the proprietor shall not be liable for my personal injury, death, loss or damage occasioned to me and/or the children under my care or any loss or damage occasioned to any of my possessions whether such liability arises out of any express or implied term of my participation in the activities or at common law or in any other way.

I agree to follow the rules and regulations as set out in the booking package/registration form/conditions of entry for Tommerup’s Dairy Farm Pty Ltd and that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction will result in CANCELLATION of my booking and immediate removal from Tommerup’s Dairy Farm NO MATTER where that may occur.  I agree to follow all instructions and safety advice given to me by Tommerup’s Dairy Farm Pty Ltd, it’s directors, employees, partners, volunteers and assigns.

Medical Treatment Consent
I hereby consent to receive medical treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and or illness during any farm educational and leisure activities.

Other permissions
I understand that at this farm related educational and leisure activity, I may be photographed.  I agree to allow my photo, video or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Tommerup’s Dairy Farm.
(Please tick box if you do not give permission for this to occur)

Effect of this Document
I understand that my visiting Tommerup’s Dairy Farm constitutes a complete and unconditional release of all liability of Tommerup’s Dairy Farm, Tommerup’s Dairy Farm Pty Ltd it’s directors, employees, volunteers and assigns, Tommerup Holdings Pty Ltd and its directors, employees, volunteers and assigns, the partnership of Horan and Tommerup being Kayleen Tommerup and David Tommerup, and its directors, employees, volunteers and assigns to the greatest extent allowed by law in the event of me and/or the children under my care, suffering injury or death.

  • Please ensure that hands are washed regularly and most certainly after touching animals or being in the dairy, remembering that bacteria can also live in the dirt and water.  Animals can carry diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans and cause serious health issues. For a complete list of these diseases please consult the Qld DPI or their website prior to your visit for clarification or ask Kay for a copy of the reference document. 
  • By visiting our farm, you are accepting that being in contact with animals and in the vicinity of animal housing, can pose a risk with regard to the transference of animal diseases to humans and agree to assume full risk for yourself and your family in this regard.  Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that children under their care are adequately supervised with regard to hand washing and ensuring they are not putting their hands in their mouths whilst on our farm.
  • Supervision of children on our farm is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and no responsibility will be taken in this regard by Tommerup’s Dairy Farm Pty Ltd it’s directors, employees, volunteers and assigns, Tommerup Holdings Pty Ltd and its directors, employees, volunteers and assigns, the partnership of Horan and Tommerup being Kayleen Tommerup and David Tommerup, and its directors, employees, volunteers and assigns
  • Do not climb through fences unless instructed to.  Assume that all fences on the property are electrified.  Gate access is provided to permissible areas.  Please refer to farm map for clarification or ask Kay and Dave.
  • Animals are only to be patted/fed under the supervision of a farm guide. 
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn at all times around the farm.
  • Please listen carefully to directions given by your guide to ensure your group has a safe and enjoyable visit to our farm.  If you believe that an activity is unsafe or do not wish for you or your children to participate in such activity, please tell the guide so they can remove you from this.
  • Snakes are always present on our farm, it’s just a matter of whether you see them or not.  Please watch where you are walking and stay on the marked tracks where possible.
  • Please notify us immediately should you feel that something on the farm is hazardous so that we are able to rectify it for you.
  • Strictly no climbing, playing on or touching farm equipment.
  • We reserve the right to ask visitors to leave should there be a situation where we believe the safety of visitors, our family, employees or our animals is compromised.
  • Place all rubbish in the bins provided
  • No smoking permitted on the farm.  A smokers area is located at the front gate entry to the farm.

Increased Biosecurity precautions for visitors to our farm

With the heightened risk of Foot and Mouth disease currently, we have implemented higher biosecurity precautions for all visitors to our family farm. 

  • Please ensure you wear enclosed footwear to the farm as all visitors are required to walk through a sanitising footbath on arrival
  • Ensure you have made an appointment to visit or are attending for a pre-planned event
  • All visitors will be required to complete a biosecurity declaration on arrival
  • Please DO NOT visit our farm if you have been overseas in the past 14 days
  • Do not feed our animals with anything other than food provided to you by the farmers for that specific purpose

Thank you for helping us to keep our animals and our farming community safe

This is the official part of your farm visit and with this out of the way, you can get on with enjoying your stay on our farm.