As fog clings to hollows in the Kerry Valley, our Jersey Girls await morning milking, warm clouds of breath misting in the air as the sun tints the mountain range golden. The comfort of a warm breakfast on arrival sets the scene for an intimate full-circle food experience as we join the herd in the dairy.

Celebrate our family farm’s beautiful produce over a long table at the barn, showcased in a champagne brunch exquisitely prepared by Wild Canary, the view a window to the Lost World.

Sunday 13 August – 7am to 11am

Join our family for an intimate morning on our 6th generation dairy farm.

A preview event to Eat Local Week in the Scenic Rim, Breakfast with the Jersey Girls takes you on an historical journey through almost 150 years of our family on this beautiful property in the Kerry Valley.

Tommerups Dairy Farm Long Lunch

As the morning sun begins to peep over the mountain range, our Jersey Girls make their way slowly and methodically back to the yards to await morning milking. Anticipating their arrival, the calves linger close, eager to be nourished with creamy Jersey milk delivered just as it should be, fresh and warm from mum’s udder.

In the dairy, the century-old Alfa Laval separator is carefully assembled in readiness for the morning cream separating, just as it was 6 generations ago in this very building. The Jersey Girls are waiting by the gate –  the daily routine, the calm of Dave’s voice, the clink of the dairy gate, instinctively signally the start of their workday. One by one they make their way into the dairy, each ushered in individually at just the right pace so as not to overload the rhythm of the cream separator.

Rich Jersey cream is gently churned until golden beads of butter begin to break away from the buttermilk. The glass butter churn harks back to Kay’s childhood when butter was made with her family around the kitchen table.  With the morning milking coming to an end, the buckets of frothy, nutrient rich skim milk are welcomed with squeals of delight by the family’s free-range, heritage breed pigs, a tradition starting over 100 years ago on the farm.

At The Barn, beautifully set tables await our return from the morning farm chores. A delight to the senses, an exquisitely prepared champagne brunch celebrates the produce of our family farm through a carefully curated menu by Wild Canary. A beautiful representation of our family story.

Welcome to Breakfast with the Jersey Girls.

$149 per person

Bookings essential – Numbers are extremely limited

Waiver and Release form required for all visitors. Enclosed shoes essential. No pets please.

This event is best suited to adults. Keep up to date with our family friendly events on the farm by joining our Friends of the Farm mailing list.