Join our farming family on Sunday 2nd April for Farm Gate Trail. From 9am to 3pm we’ll swing open the farm gates and welcome you with open arms to share in our farming story. We’ve been busily stocking the fridges and freezers in The Farm Larder for you to take home a piece of our farm. Our Jersey Girl cultured butter is always popular and we’re giving those arm muscles a workout to get as many blocks of golden goodness ready for the day. Our double cream, and luscious crème fraiche are a delight to the tastebuds. Don’t miss out on one of our Jersey Girl ice creams. Whichever you choose, we know you won’t be disappointed! And, we’ll be stocked up with our creamy Jersey milk!! Farmer Dave’s cream top milk is batch pasteurised at the lowest allowable temperature to retain the natural flavour and richness of farm fresh milk that tastes like milk used to taste. Available in 1 litre bottles with limited quantities.

Try our beautiful, tender pork, grown without the use of chemicals, and always respecting the pigginess of the pig. You’ll taste the difference! There’s nothing quite like amazing soft veal and we’ve stocked the freezers with our Rose Veal for your culinary pleasure. Raised in open, grass filled paddocks, drinking fresh milk straight from mum – we think you’ll love the result.

Harry’s market garden is in full swing and you’ll find his sweet and juicy melons available at the Farm Larder. Rockmelons, watermelons, and honey dew all grown using organic and biodynamic farming practices. Harry will also have some of his cucumbers, zucchini, and eggplant – all heritage varieties and grown completely without chemicals. You’ll also find some preserved goodness from the vegetable garden with Harry’s Homemade pickles and jam.

The picnic paddock is the perfect spot to chill out with an ice cream, or something a little heartier from our friends at 2M8sBBQ with their low and slow smokey creations. Local legend, Susie Colley knows how to keep the crowd happy with a fab variety of tunes from the Bedford stage.

Hot coffee and icy cold milkshakes will available all day from our friends at Lost World Coffee. They’ll be supporting local dairy farms, and we hope you will too by purchasing from them on the day.

Local gal, Jess, has her brushes at the ready for some gorgeous face paint designs! Just $5 will get you looking all sparkly and right in the Farm Gate Trail spirit!

Grab yourself a bucket of animal feed and head off on your own farm adventure. You’ll meet and feed our calves, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks. Looking to get right in on the action? Add a pumpkin to your basket and join Farmer Dave for the pumpkin smashing pig feeding – it won’t be just the pigs squealing with delight! $15 for buckets of feed and $5 for a pumpkin.

Dip your toes in the river or get on in there – the Albert River is perfect for a cool down, and our new walking tracks make adventuring down by the river even easier.

Looking for some tips to have the best day out on the farm?

  • We are a small family farm and despite our best efforts to have enough stock on hand, we’re not a supermarket. The very reason you’ll find the highest quality products here is because of the way we farm – small scale, artisan producers – where quality trumps quantity every time.
  • Our online store will be fully stocked by Friday 31st March  for pre-orders. Until then, we’ll be building our larder of pork, veal, eggs, and delicious Jersey Girl dairy products.
  • Enclosed shoes are essential for entry. All visitors will be asked to sign in for biosecurity purposes
  • No charge for entry to the farm
  • No pets please. We’re happy for you to meet our menagerie of farm animals and the welcoming party of crazy JRs but please don’t bring your family pet to the farm. It’s no fun to have to leave them at the car while you’re enjoying your farm adventure.
  • All meat is stored frozen. Don’t forget your esky.
  • Waivers are required to enter the farm walk, feeding and river access areas of the farm. You can download them and complete prior to arrival if you’d like to save time on entry. Please note – a separate waiver is required for each person (adults and children)
  • Feel free to wait in the parking paddock if you arrive early. Don’t mind us, we’ll be racing around feeding animals and getting things ready for your arrival from 9am.

Important Notice: We ask that you DO NOT VISIT our farm if you have travelled overseas in the past seven days. All visitors are required to have clean clothes and footwear on entry to the farm.

We will require visitors to sanitise their hands prior to entering the farm walk and animal feeding areas of our farm. Picnics will also be restricted to the designated picnic paddock to ensure we are not risking the spread of disease to our animals.

We appreciate your understanding as we try our best to manage our responsibility for our animals, our community, and your enjoyment of a day on our farm. Please feel free to contact us should you have further questions or concerns about a visit to the farm.

We recommend downloading and completing the waivers to bring with you, saving time at the farm entry. Please note, a separate waiver is required for each person (adults and children) entering the farm.

We look forward to welcoming you the farm, Sunday 2nd April from 9am to 3pm.