Farm Produce

From our family farm to your family table.

On our 6th generation family farm, you’ll find a range of high quality, small scale products produced with the utmost respect for our land and our animals.

Artisan Jersey dairy products, Milk fed pasture raised pork, Rose dairy veal and pastured eggs from free range hens.

Produced by the farmers, on the farm.

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Jersey Girl Dairy

Jersey Girl cultured butter, crème fraiche, double cream, and yoghurt, made right here on the farm, by the farmers. Rich and creamy gourmet ice creams.

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Milk fed pork

Heritage breed pigs, raised outdoors on chemical free pasture, creamy Jersey milk and locally milled grain. Mud wallows, green grass and straw beds; pig paradise.

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Rose veal

Jersey calves raised in open paddocks of chemical free pasture, on fresh Jersey milk and natural supplements. You’ll taste the difference.

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Farm Fresh Eggs Scenic Rim

Pastured Eggs

Tommy’s hens roam over 80 acres of chemical free pasture on our farm producing eggs that are rich in colour and flavour. True pastured eggs.

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Chef visits

We have built strong working relationships with our chef and food service clients; relationships that allow us to work together and support each other to connect with our customers.  Our chefs understand the challenges of an artisan farming business, and the wonderful opportunities that presents to them through close partnerships.

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delicious produce awards winner

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Award winning produce

Here at Tommerup’s Dairy Farm, we strive to produce artisan dairy products that reflect the dedication, care, and attention that we give to our land and our animals. We are honoured to have received recognition two years in a row for our Jersey Girl dairy products. Our cultured salted butter won a state award in the dairy category in 2020, and the following year, our crème fraiche was also a winner of this prestigious title.

The Awards aim to encourage, showcase, and reward Australian producers, build awareness of culinary regions and recognise fresh, seasonal food that is produced sustainably with passion and integrity.

We’re proud to offer your family the chance to enjoy our award winning, respectfully crafted, Jersey Girl artisan dairy products.