Can we drop into the farm to walk around and feed the animals?

Tommerup’s Dairy Farm is a working family farm, and we are only open for events and open days. Sadly, we’re not available for drop by visits.  Whilst we love welcoming guests when we can, we have a farm to run, and need time to run it. Our open days and events offer a chance to visit the farm and meet our animals. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about what’s happening on the farm.

How can I buy your farm produce?

Our online store is up to date with our farm produce for you to purchase from our farm and collect at a pre-organised time. Or, come along to one of our market days or open days when the farm larder is fully stocked. 

Can we bring our pets to the farm for a visit?

We ask that you don’t bring your pets to the farm please. Biosecurity responsibilities are taken seriously on our farm. We thank you for your understanding.

Why do we need to sign a waiver to enter the animal area of the farm?

Our insurance company (all insurance companies actually…) are concerned about the liability risks of farmers welcoming visitors to their farms. We do our very best to ensure that we have made a safe environment for you to visit, but at the end of the day, it is a working farm and there will always be a certain amount of risk involved in visiting. Completion of the waiver keeps our insurer happy, and means that we can continue to offer visitors the chance to see a genuine working farm.

Is there parking on-site

There is ample parking in the parking paddock for guests attending our farm events and open days. For those staying on the farm, covered parking is provided at both The Cottage and The Homestead.

Are there shops nearby

The closest shops for groceries are located in Beaudesert, a 20 minute drive from the farm. We recommend checking out our online store before arriving at the farm to see what produce is available, and stocking up on groceries in Beaudesert on your way with other items not available from the farm.