Milk Fed Pork

Raised Outdoors

Our ethos for raising our heritage breed pigs stays true to the traditions of generations past and our family’s passion for producing food that is as natural and nutrient-rich as possible. Our heritage breed pigs are raised outdoors with plenty of mud to wallow in, comfy straw beds and plenty of space in lush native pasture paddocks.  Their squeals of excitement can be heard long before the fresh milk arrives from our dairy and this milk, combined with local corn grain, makes a delicious supplement to their pasture-based diet.

You will often find Kay in the paddock with the pigs (her happy place!) giving tummy rubs and back scratches to very happy pigs.

We think their full-flavoured, tender meat is delicious – and we hope you will too.

Our milk-fed pork is available year-round through the farm larder and online store. We welcome wholesale and food service enquiries.

During Eat Local Month (link to the website) our farm products make their way to events and markets all over the Scenic Rim. Our Farm Larder online store is not available during the month of June due to the volume of product required for Eat Local Month. We’ll be back with a fully stocked larder in July. We hope to welcome you to the farm soon to enjoy our farm produce.

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