Our family invites you to join us for a very special celebration at Herve’s Restaurant and Bar on Sunday 27 November. 

Many of you have visited our family farm, shared in the story of how we raise our animals, care for our land, and create products that are crafted with the utmost respect for both. 

This lunch represents another chapter in our farm story – the relationships that have been built with our tribe of chefs. It will showcase their deep connection to our farm, our animals, and our ethos. 

Executive Chefs, Alex and Chris, and owners Herve and Cristina, have milked our cows, joined in the feeding rounds, and picked fresh produce from the market garden. Our beautiful milk fed pork and Jersey Girl cream and crème fraiche grace the tables at Herve’s every day. They have truly embraced our farm and our story. Now it’s time for us to embrace theirs – one that shows their love of fresh farm produce, their skill in creating exceptional dishes, and their ability to capture those true connections with the farm in a beautiful Sunday lunch.

We’d love you to break bread with us (with lashings of butter of course!) around a beautifully set table at Herve’s on 27 November. 

We’re keeping a lid on this special event until tomorrow when it will be released to the general public. Our Friends of the Farm get first dibs on tickets and this event has very limited numbers so we keep that lovely intimate gathering atmosphere. 

Don’t dilly dally, get those tickets sorted!